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Pentamix 2 - Urządzenie mieszające masy- 230V

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Pentamix 2 - Urządzenie mieszające masy- 230V

3M ESPE has a long history of developing and testing impression materials. Our goal is to help you capture an accurate, problem-free impression the first time ... every time. With the touch of a button, Pentamix™ 2 Automatic Mixing Unit mixes and dispenses a completely homogeneous mix. And it’s free of voids that can interfere with the accuracy of the impression and the final fit of the prosthesis.

Pentamix™ 2Pentamix™ 2

Working with limited space? Free up counter space with our wall-mount design option.

Relieves Stress and Strain for Dental Assistants

Trying to manually squeeze heavy body impression material out of a cartridge dispenser can put added strain on assistants. The Pentamix™ 2 Automatic Mixing Unit puts an end to staff complaints.

  • It can dispense even the thickest viscosities, including Imprint™ 3 Penta™ Putty Impression Material.
  • Be confident that the material dispensed is homogeneous and void-free ... every time.
  • More than 100,000 doctors are providing their assistants the convenience, ease and accuracy of push-button dispensing.

Pentamix™ 2Pentamix™ 2Pentamix™ 2
Insert the PentaMatic™ Foil Bag into the Penta™ Cartridge.Place the cartridge into the Pentamix™ 2 Automatic Mixing Unit.Dispense automatically into the tray and the Penta™ Syringe.

Additional Features

  • Simple, fast set-up: PentaMatic™ AutoOpen System Foil Bags require no activation – just insert the bag into the Penta™ Cartridge and you’re ready.
  • Improved consistency, less waste: The Pentamix™ 2 Automatic Mixing Unit gives you a consistent, reproducible mix every time. And waste is eliminated because you only dispense the amount of material you need.
  • Easy mixing and dispensing: Because the Pentamix 2 Automatic Mixing Unit is fully automatic, training your staff couldn’t be any easier.
  • Cleaner and safer: Hygienic direct filling of trays and syringes means less risk of contamination, and less time spent cleaning and disinfecting guns and cartridges.

Use with Both Polyether and VPS

Now, both polyether and vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) can be mixed and dispensed void-free, using the Pentamix™ 2 Automatic Mixing Unit. Just choose the chemistries, viscosities and set times that meet your procedural needs – even heavy body materials and Imprint™ 3 Penta™ Putty material.

Pentamix™ 2 PolyetherPentamix™ 2 VPS

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